Loan web application with PHP Laravel framework

Loan web application with PHP Laravel framework

Over the past few weeks I’ve been able to engage myself in creating a full web application for a loan management system whereby people can register and apply for a loan with an interest and penalty rate determined by the admin who is managing the app.

Here is the full overview of how it works:

Users can either choose to login or register a new account so that they can gain access to their dashboard.

We made use of a multi authentication system whereby the system automatically identifies an admin and also distinguish the user and redirect them to the appropriate dashboard.  

After a successful login or registration, they can then proceed to fill out their KYC documents and input their bank details and other documents to verify their actual profile.

Afterwards the user can apply for loan and choose a convenient duration for repayments in (months) out of the pools of option already set down by the administrator.

After that the user wait for a decision from the admin, which he either approve or reject the application based on the credit worthiness of the applicant.

On approval, the repayment (months) is automatically calculated and the user gets the loan and repay at a scheduled date monthly (visible on the dashboard).

Transaction reference is attached to each transaction, and hence it’s easier to track just incase.

This web application is built to make loan management system easy and faster.

You can watch the video here on youtube.

This is built with the use of PHP laravel framework by Mayeconcept web services. A lot of work and effort has been put into this application and we would love a feedback from you on what your opinion on this web application. This feedback would go a long way.

Read about Github finder API.


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