Never loose Track on your Vision in Life

Never loose Track on your Vision in Life

The most absorb thing in this life is the thing that makes thousands of people in this country get up early in the morning, leave their families and their homes and make a mad dash through crazy traffic like it’s the end of the world.

Are you spending all your time in other people’s business?

Is your energy and effort spent minding other people’s concerns?


That thing is work. More specifically, it is employment. Whether in the formal or informal sector it is the dominant activity in many of our lives throughout the world. It is a necessary evil for most of us because deep down we would rather not be working for anyone else, but somehow we accept that it is the only way to get by. Once the paycheck arrives at the end of the month we feel relieved, though only for a little while, that we have our needs met. By the 10th of the month the waiting starts all over again. We have to endure the rest of the month until the next paycheck.That is a reality for a lot of people, not only in Nigeria, but throughout the world. We have become slaves to our salaries. “Making a living” is killing us. It should be making our lives better. 


When you go to work every day, whose purpose are you fulfilling? It is the purpose of the company or organization you are working for. You are employed to help your organization achieve its objectives. If someone else took over your position they would still do the same things you do in order to achieve the organization’s objectives. If you are working for an individual the same reasoning applies. You are working to fulfill the purpose given to you by that individual. In both cases you are minding someone else’s business.


However the situation gets more complex: many of us have been led into the belief that the organization’s purpose is our own purpose. We whole-heartedly take up the cause of the organization as our own. Our thoughts and ideals slowly but surely come to be replaced by those of our workplace. We become the perfect employees. What’s wrong with that? Everything. You are not what you do. Your work is not who you are. Unfortunately, our education system hasn’t helped in this regard. It has trained us to become what we study. If you study Business Administration you become a Manager, studying auto mechanics makes you a mechanic and studying cooking makes you a cook. When you mind someone else’s business they may be achieving their objectives, but you are definitely not. It doesn’t matter how big your salary is. The fact is your boss or the owner of the business will always be richer than you. Why not mind your own business and make your own fortune?


Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of value in working for someone else: if you know why you are working there. It should not be, as most of us think, simply to be able to get a salary. Neither should it be your sole purpose in life. Working for someone else should fulfill three main objectives: It should be a way of learning and getting more knowledge and skills. People that work simply for the purpose of getting paid are often not the most productive people. It is those that realize the value that working is adding to their knowledge and skills as individuals that always perform better and that are always ready for the next challenge. Such people know that what they will get from their job will ultimately help them to mind their own business by equipping them with what they need mentally to be able to fulfill their own purpose.


  •             Working should be a means of being able to meet your basic needs whilst you work on your real purpose. Everything worthwhile takes time to build and become self sustaining and profitable.


  • It should be a way of raising the finances needed to be able to mind your own business. Your salary is not meant to be spent as soon as it is received. In the saying of Robert “the poor and middle class work for money. The rich have money work of them.” Some of the money you earn should be utilized in helping you to become financially independent. It should be invested. Your money should be put to work for you.

The more we earn the more we spend on Fancy items. Everyone wants an expensive car and a humongous house. That’s good. Just make sure that you get those things after you have built up a good financial base. Would a smaller house and a cheaper car not do in the meantime? Of course it would. Maybe you can invest the rest of the money into something that will yield far greater benefits in the long run. The employee mentality is what keeps most of us slaves to the economy and other people. We need to stop minding other people’s business and start minding our own. At the very least we should do both. But do both well. As a dreamer, you need to understand its significance and mind your own business. Never lose track of your vision for your life. Do not ever get so busy making a living that you forget to live your life

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