What If? By Abayomi Abdulraheem (Series 1)

What If? By Abayomi Abdulraheem (Series 1)


This question serves as one of the questions that keep birthing technological revolutions, innovations, scientific breakthroughs and discoveries, inventions, and transformations of raw materials/products into finished and consumable products.

If you see any winning football team, the most important question they ask during practice is 'what if?'

What about the Military? Their working and winning strategies get birthed through the provision of answers to the question of 'what if?'.

It is interesting to know that terrorists, bandits, armed robbers, and criminals generally do ask the question of 'what if?' if their plan is to be successful in their operations. Their end comes the day they fail to brilliantly ask the question of 'what if?' before going out for operations, but meet with the police/military or people that had made amazing results out of their asking 'what if?'.

This question is a subject in mathematics called Probability. Do you remember that topic? We took it for a mere read and pass topic but it was designed for a purpose in our journeys in life.

Amazingly, the dreaded question that almost 95% of the world population avoid to ask is what if?. Only few that consistently ask this question are the ones leading and having meaningful achievements, successes, breakthroughs, and advancements in their chosen fields and careers. Could you believe that one of the contributors to one's happiness in life is 'the ability to ask the question of 'WHAT IF?' and being strategic in giving honest responses and following through the responses with actions'.

Why have you chosen to be amongst those who refuse to think and act on 'What if?' question?

What if I lose my parents? What if my sponsor decides to stop funding my education? What if my school rusticate me? What if I fail this exam? What if I graduate but find no job for 10 years? What if the lady/man I'm in a relationship with is fake? What if the guy/lady I refuse his/her proposal is sincere with his/her advances? What if I lose my sanity? What if I lose my job? What if I lose my leg/hand/sight? What if...


I could hear you saying 'God forbids' or 'it's not my portion'.

Honestly, those who had experienced one form of challenges or another never also prayed for or wished it on themselves. It suddenly happened to them.

Asking the what if question guides one to alternatives, better and effective way of making it work, a good preparation for failure, coping mechanism for disappointment, making an informed decision that prevents one's regretting later in life, extra-precautionary measures/actions, and building one's buffer for bitterness when things fall apart or fail to work as one plans.

I'm so sure that if many of our parents adopted the effective use of this question *'what if?'*, they wouldn't have solely directed us to face education alone without giving us an alternative skill. If our parents have failed in that regards, must you also fail to think WHAT IF? Do you have an alternative coping mechanism for what you currently have, should in case you lose it.

I'm not asking you to date plenty people or wishing your parents death to their face. All I'm asking you to do is to know that we are all human who could disappoint you at any time or answer the call of nature (death) any moment.

That s/he calls you SWEETHEART hasn't made you one. Before you open that leg or make any form of insertion attempt, have you asked the question 'what if?' Before you freely send him/her your private (nude) picture, have you asked yourself what if?. Before you cut off everyone that comes your way for him/her, have you asked the question what if? Before you get deceived and parading yourself as wife/husband in his/her tiny room while putting on undies, have you asked what if?

Let me round up this session with the story of a young Nigerian lady that I got involved in her case recently.

She was an undergraduate of a Federal University in Nigeria. She got admitted as a virgin & had the determination to keep herself until her wedding night. All pressures from colleagues and roommates to get involved failed. She stood by her dream & that drew her closer to God.

When she got to 300 Level, having just 1 session to graduate, she resolved to say *'YES'* to any guy that meets her taste & religiousity. Luckily, this amazing guy, an undergraduate in the same school, showed up. He's moderately religious, good looking and ticked all her checklists. She accepted & the relationship started.

They both agreed to the lady's stand of not losing her virginity until the wedding's night, but as the relationship advanced, the lady already saw herself as a wife. She started sleeping in this guy's room occasionally. One night, they decided to commission their affairs and that became their frequent activities whenever they're together. They didn't see it as being against God's command - whereas, we are husband & wife in the making.

Something happened that got me involved in this case. The lady chatted me up when she's thinking SUICIDE

What happened? 

Stayed tuned for the next series.

Written by:

Abayomi Abdulraheem

ISERH Chief Servant

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